Summer Shades – Our History

by Sarah Aliberti

New Jersey native Sarah Aliberti ended up on the Vineyard on a whim, like many young folks of college age. Also like many students, she had years of experience in retail and restaurant work. One summer a friend from a restaurant where she worked invited her to Martha’s Vineyard. That was the beginning of many fun years for Sarah.

After starting off the summer at Savoir Faire and then Andrea’s, she found herself taking her pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses into Summer Shades for repairs and additional parts. Sarah decided to apply for a sales position at Summer Shades and got the job! A friend of owner Andrew Aliberti hired her. But she had already met Andrew.

Her first day working with Andrew was awesome in every way. After one month of working together, they started dating. Then after the season, she went back to New York City to finish her studies at Hunter College. During this time she visited Andrew in California at his Tahoe City store.

On May 22, 1993, they married — right in time for the start of the MV summer rush. Andrew had suggested the late spring wedding date even though they had little time to plan. “Why wait?” he said. And thus history was made!

Sarah is often in the store in Edgartown. She loves helping people. “This is an intimate product,” she explains, “that helps people look their best.” She enjoys being a full-service concierge for the area as well and never ignores a customer.

She also encourages private viewings for friends, VIPs and so forth. So, if you are such an individual, get in touch with Sarah!

Summer Shades, the original store, is located on Martha’s Vineyard. Our store is owed and operated by Andrew and Sarah Aliberti. We also own Summit Shades in Colorado and Summer Shades on Nantucket.

Summer Shades opened its doors on Martha’s Vineyard in the summer of 1985.